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Lors de cette séquence nous partons à la découverte de l'Afrique du Sud!

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[Sonnerie, bruits d’élèves qui s’installent dans la salle polyvalente, pas d’adultes, enfants qui se lèvent]


HEADMASTER: Sit down, please! [Les élèves s’assoient]

Today’s assembly at Camden Secondary School is very special. Today, Mrs Cheryl Adamson from the South African Embassy is here to tell you in person some great news.

MRS ADAMSON: Thank you, Headmaster. Well, I’m delighted to announce that the pupils of 9B have won the competition organised by our embassy to design a poster promoting the World Cup venue in South Africa. [Élèves agités]

HEAD: Listen carefully, please!

MRS ADAMSON: And so 9B, you, as a class, have won a 10 day round trip to South Africa during the Easter holidays.

[Bruits d’émerveillement, de joie. Des professeurs qui font ‘ssh’]

Your tour will include stopovers at Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town with visits to the major attractions around each city. [Agitation]

HEAD: Okay everybody, calm down, please! If you have any questions, you can put up your hands now.

HEAD: Yes, Samir?

SAMIR: How will we travel? How long will it take to get there?

MRS ADAMSON: That’s a good question – it’s a ten hour flight.

MATHEW: How long will we stay?

HEAD: Mathew Dobson, that’s just typical – you didn’t listen, as usual – 10 days! Another question anyone?

MATHEW: Will we camp?

MRS ADAMSON: [Elle rit] No, you won’t. You will stay in hotels or lodges. [Bruits


SAMIR: Will we see wild animals?

MRS ADAMSON: When you’re in the North of the country, you’ll be able to go on a safari.


HEAD: Quiet, please! If you have any more questions, Mrs Adamson will answer by e-mail.

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A safari at Kruger Park



SAFARI GUIDE: OK guys, settle down. Before we

start, I’d just like to give you some rules that you

must follow for the duration of the safari around

Kruger Park. Okay? I’m your guide, my name’s

Chuck. Feel free to ask me whatever you like – it’s

my job to answer all your questions.


Right, so let’s get back to the rules. First the bad

news – what you can’t do! You can’t get out of the

vehicle once we leave this parking spot, even if I

often get out to open and shut gates. You’re not

allowed to feed the animals or to touch them –

they’ll be rejected if they smell of humans! You

mustn’t wear bright colours like your red hat, lady,

the rhinos might charge us! [reaction du public]

And of course, you mustn’t shout or talk too loudly –

you’ll frighten the animals away and no one

will get to see anything! One more thing, it’s


to throw objects at the animals, so no giving

the monkeys something to play with.

Allright so far? [des voix qui disent ‘yes, yes’]

Now for the nice stuff: what you can do! You can

take as many photos as you want, and you can

ask me to stop where and when you want.


What you must do: you must let me know if you

see anything interesting – I haven’t got eyes at the

back of my head, so if I miss the white rhino, let

me know – without shouting of course!

Okay, so let’s check you’re equipped and ready to

go! Anyone who wants to come with me must

have full protection from the sun – that means a

hat, glasses and suntan lotion.

And as it’s a 3-hour round trip, if you don’t go to

the toilet now, I’ll have to leave you with the lions!

[agitation] Don’t panic, I’ll give you 5 minutes to

get back into the jeep. Jump to it! The toilets are

just over there.


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