Certains élèves de 6e ont inventé leur propre superhéros !

Super Warrior (Adrien 6eD)

His name is Super Warrior but his real name is Bobby battlefield.

He is from trenches and his enemy is Super Anaconda.

He can stop bullets, see through walls, run fast, create force fields, jump high, lift heavy objects, do a karate kick and he has got machine guns.

He has got a round face. He is thin, small but very strong. He has got short brown hair, green eyes and a small nose.

He has got a black symbol, dark green sunglasses, gloves and boots. His belt is yellow.

The Lantern (Thimoté 6eD)

His name is Lantern but his real name is Tony Clare. He is from London and his enemy is Supernal.

He is very strong. He has got a small nose, he is slim and tall. He has got short hair, a square face and green eyes.

He can fly, turn invisible, box and create force fields .

He has got black and green gloves, boots. His mask is green. His symbol is an L.

Lynx woman (Romane 6eD)

Her name is Lynx Woman but her real name is Cassie Simpson. She is from New York.

Her enemy is Emma Moza.

She can walk on ceilings, run fast, turn invisible and see through walls.

She has got grey eyes and a round face. She is slim and tall and she is strong.

Her costume is brown and black. She has got a white belt, gloves and boots. She has got a symbol : her symbol is a lynx face.

Wolf Night (Fabien 6eD)

His name is Wolf night but his real name is Max Loster. He lives in Miami beach.

His enemy is Wolf Warrior.

He can run fast, box, jump high and lift heavy objects.

He has got a belt, a symbol, gloves and a helmet.

He has got black eyes and he is hairy. He is very tall.